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Comment by lookingforwater on a post by ginmar on the Twilight books (emphasis mine):

Women are raised to believe that the positive judgment of others, particularly those of high status, is all-important, so Bella’s gaining Edward’s undying love so easily and for no particular reason is the female patriarchy-approved(TM) power fantasy. It’s the one that it’s acceptable for teenage girls to have, because it in no way subverts the status quo. That’s why all the media with moments that represent genuine female power fantasies involve the female lead facing and rejecting the male force that’s been manipulating her and consequently overcoming it. See: Jareth and Sarah in Labyrinth, Freddy and Nancy in Nightmare on Elm Street, Buffy and Angel, and so on. That’s the true power fantasy, the one we’re not allowed to have. But you know, to a starving person, even stale bread will do. Any power fantasy is better than none at all. So they cling to Twilight.”

(And ginmar replies with “I’d rather go down fighting than rise by surrender.”)


Only do exactly what you want to do. Trust me, everyone else does. Do you think the patriarchy would let you fuck it where it didn’t want you to? Really. Learn that young. Learn it now. Learn it every fucking day if you have to.

Comment by VeganRampage on this post by Twisty about vaginisimus and treatments that are all about making sure that “Nigel can get back in the saddle”