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“Men are not separate species from women. We’re both human, and it’s about damn time someone started saying “gee, we have an awful lot in common, don’t we?” My point is also that my state of BEING female is only relevant in the context of completely unnatural social norms that caused me to do things like starve myself when I was 13, or want boob implants at 17, or wish for a steady boyfriend at 9 before I even knew what the hell desire or love was. My real state is human. My social state is that of a woman. My sex is female, which is probably XX (or XXX, XXXX, XXXXX, XXY, or XXYY, which makes determining my sex as one of two possibilities fairly absurd). I’m genetically (probably) a woman, I’m socially a female, I’m most definitely human. Out of all of those identifiers, it should be the last one that matters most, not least.”

From a comment in the middle of a very interesting discussion (the post itself is great too) arguing against gender essentialism.

Or this could be. Or any number of essays or speeches by Andrea Dworkin. I can’t choose.